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1. Description

The LT6911 is a high performance HDMI1.4 to MIPI®DSI/CSI chip for VR/Smart phone/Display application.
For MIPI®DSI/CSI output, LT6911 features configurable single-port or dual-port or quad-port MIPI®DSI/CSI with 1 high-speed clock lane and 1~4 high-speed data lanes operating at maximum 1.5Gb/s/lane, which can support a totalbandwidth of up to 24Gbps. LT6911 supports Burst mode DSI video data transferring, also support flexible video data mapping path.

2. Features

• HDMI1.4 Receiver
• Single/Dual-Port/Quad-Port MIPI® DSI/CSI Transmitter
• Miscellaneous

3. Applications

• Mobile system
• VR
• Display

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