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1. General Description

The LT8711H-CE is a high performance Type-C/DP1.2 to HDMI2.0 converter, designed to connect a USB Type-C source or a DP1.2 source to an HDMI2.0 sink.
The LT8711H-CE integrates a DP1.2 compliant receiver, and an HDMI2.0 compliant transmitter. Also, one CC controller is included for CC communication to implement DP Alt Mode and power delivery function, because it is one DRP (Dual Role port).
The device is capable of automatic operation which is enabled by an integrated microprocessor that uses an embedded SPI flash for firmware storage. System control is also available through the use of a dedicated configuration I2C slave interface.
LT8711H-CE also support EDID buffer, DP/eDP input  detection and determine to enter into power saving mode automatically. When the receiver of LT8711H-CE locks the input signal, the MCU can read the recovered timing parameters by the MSA registers to match the ASSR. The DPCD registers are accessible via system I2C when debugging the full link training. Once the fast link training used, system time will save at least 400ms.

2. Features

• USB Type-C
• DP1.2 Receiver
• HDMI2.0 Transmitter
• Miscellaneous

3.  Applications

• Docking station
• Dongle

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