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1. Description

LT8400C is a deeply-optimized e-Marker IC for both passive and active full featured USB Type-C cable (EMCA). It supports SOP, SOP’/SOP” communication, providing a scheme to interact between source and cable (port-to-cable).
LT8400C internally integrates an 8-bit OCM and flash memory (stacked die) to configure and run program. Online software upgrade is also supported for LT8400C.
The LT8400C is fabricated in advanced CMOS process and implemented in a small outline 5mmx5mm QFN40 package. This package is RoHS compliant and specified to operate from -40°C to +85°C.

2. Features

• Compliant to Type-C r1.2 Standard
• Support CC Logic and USB PD2.0
• Support SOP’/SOP” Communication
• Support VCONN Detect
• Internal MCU and Flash for Firmware Upgrade
• Support External I2C Debug
• 1.8V/3.3V Power Supply
• Packaged in 5mmx5mm QFN40

3. Applications

• Passive Full-Featured USB Type-C Cable
• Active Full-Featured USB Type-C Cable

P R E:LT8712X
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