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1. Description

The LT7911B is a high performance Type-C/DP1.2 to MIPI®DSI/CSI chip for VR/Smart phone/Display application.
For DP1.2 input, LT7911B can be configured as 1,2,4 lane, also support lane swap function. Adaptive equalization makes it suitable for long cable application and the maximum bandwidth is up to 21.6Gbps
For MIPI®DSI/CSI output, LT7911B features configurable single-port or dual-port or quad-port MIPI®DSI/CSI with 1 high-speed clock lane and 1~4 high-speed data lanes operating at maximum 1.5Gb/s/lane, which can support a totalbandwidth of up to 24Gbps. LT7911B supports Burst mode DSI video data transferring, also support flexible video data mapping path.

2. Features

• Type-C
• DP1.2 Receiver
• Single/Dual-Port/Quad-Port MIPI® DSI/CSI Transimtter
• Miscellaneous

3. Applications

• Mobile systems
• VR

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