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1. Description

The LT86121EX is a high performance HDMI2.1 repeater designed for long cable application. It should be paired with LT86121EX for longest cable reach. In paired mode, several unique features can be enabled to reduce bandwidth requirement and optimize performance.

Both the HDMI2.1 input and output support data rate up to 8Gbps which provides sufficient bandwidth for 8k@30Hz video. Also HDCP2.2 is supported for data decryption.

In paired mode, DSC encoder can be used to reduce data rate and hence bandwidth requirement.

Furthermore, FEC can be activated to correct data error and help to enhance system error tolerance level. These unique techniques together will significantly extend transmission distance.

Two digital audio output interfaces are available, I2S and SPDIF. The I2S interface supports 2-ch LPCM and the SPDIF interface supports 2-ch LPCM or compressed audio, both at maximum 192KHz sample rate.

LT86121EX internally integrates an 8-bit OCM and SPI flash memory (stacked die) to run program. Online software upgrade is also supported for LT86121EX.

LT86121EX is fabricated in advanced CMOS process and implemented in 10mmx10mm QFN88 package. This package is RoHS compliant and specified to operate from -40°C to +85°C.

2. Features

• HDMI2.1 Receiver
• HDMI2.1 Transmitter
• Digital Audio Input/Output
• Miscellaneous

3. Applications

• Active Cables
• Surveillance


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