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1. Description

The LT8618SX is Lontium’s low power version HDMI transmitter based on ClearEdgeTM technology. It supports the 24-bit color depth HDMI 1.4 (High Definition Multimedia Interface) specification. They are fully backwoard compatible with Lontium’s first generation HDMI transmitter LT8618EX, and also pin compatible with Silicon Image SiI9030 and Analogix ANX9030 transmitters. LT8618SX is a high performance, low power part that are specifically designed for HD-Digital cameras, HD-Digital Video Cameras, HD-PMP/MP4 Players, Cell phones, etc. The normal operation power is less than 100mA playing 24bit 1080P content, and the standby power is less than 2mA.

2. Features

• RGB Input
• HDMI Transmitter
• Miscellaneous

3. Applications

• Car Video Recorder
• PTV Box
• HD Sources 

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